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Looking for very adventurous people

Posted by on October 23, 2015

Heading off into the sun.: Sled Dogs, Dogs Sled, Sled Trips, Shared Sled


So before writing this newsletter I researched the meaning of the word adventurous and this is what I found:


Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.”let’s be adventurous” synonyms: daring, daredevil, intrepid, venturesome, bold, fearless, brave, unafraid, unshrinking, dauntless; informal gutsy, gutty, spunky, skookum

Many people say they are adventurous but when it comes down to it, they just are not. I might be bias because for my entire life I’ve been traveling, camping, paddling, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing and many other adventures. After being a wilderness guide for 8 years I have seen many people that wanted to go on trips but they always backed out for one excuse or another. Its easy to back out but its hard to go for it and I’ve witnessed what an adventure can do for a persons personality and their inner strength. So that being said I am challenging everyone to take one of the trips that I have accumulated on my endless bucket list.
Coming changes to our website
Now that I am out of the Guide business we will be changing the Wilderness Journey guide and outfitting website over the next few months to the Wilderness Journey bucket list trips. There will be no extra charges…no hidden fees.  Many people will ask well what in it for me; Well when I made the decision to close down the business it was one of the easiest decisions I ever made it consumed my life and now I am free to do anything I want. The only thing that I didn’t like was not being able to show people things and experiences they never had before, along with photography and writing the newsletters. So I came up with the idea of the Wilderness Journey bucket list, where I could ask people from my contact list to join me on trips of a lifetime…where we all could experience new things together…Where I could write about all of our new experiences. One day I would like to write a book about all of our adventures. And We’re just getting started, my list is extensive.
Traveling across the lake.: Ice Fish, Dogs Sleigh, Dogs Sled

Epic Dogsled trip 2016!!!

The first trip that we are offering is a dogsled trip along the U.S and Canadian border. We have 3 people that have committed a friend Jason Lafferty, a past client Jim McKeon (You can read about his BWCA trip on this link) who is the first to take advantage of our new Bucket list format and me and we’re looking for 3 more. If anyone wants to go on this trip of a lifetime please contact me. It would be best if you contact me before November 13th or after December 3rd I will be in Belize and apparently the internet is undependable.

Ramsey Dowgiallo

  (734) 664-0353



This trip will be outfitted by White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures


Here’s a little information on White wilderness Sled Dog Adventures
They have taken over Over 6,000 Mushers into the wilderness
Alright, alright, alright. This trip was absolutely amazing. It consisted of many laughs and much excitement. Staff were very friendly, supportive and our tour guide, Theo rocked. The dogs were friendly and the view was incredible.
Thanks for the trip guys! Wasn’t quite sure what to expect since none of us ever sledded before. Super great guides and everyone had a blast. Want to go again. Thought the price was very reasonable concerning all the logistics involved. Would recommend to anyone, any age.



Who We Are

There are a lot of dog sledding providers out there so why should you choose us? Because Dog Sledding is what we do. We are not first and foremost a racing kennel or an arctic exploration kennel. We are a professional tour provider, which means we have dogs that are best for you, we have seasoned staff trained to lead quality mushing trips (not college kids taking a year off for fun) and we have the focus to ensure it all comes together for you in a safe and successful manner.



  • Safe comfortable hands on trips
  • Well trained, socialized, lovable Dogs
  • Great food and quality equipment
  • Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked activity in Ely, MN


Peter McClelland and Chris Hegenbarth run White Wilderness and Peter has been reading our newsletters for years and to help set us off on this new bucket list format he is giving everyone that books this trip a great deal! And I would like to thank him for his generosity.

This is the email he sent me last week: Your trip price will be $1955 per person. This is a 15% discount off the regular price plus the extra night and sledding.  First and last night are included at the lodge. We will decide where we want to do that later. It will either be Stay Inn Ely or the Grand Ely Lodge. The guides will go over all your clothing and the trip details then.

We provide tents, sleeping bags, and all other camping gear. We will provide tip ups, ice augers, etc. We recommend personal jigging rods, although we will bring some of them as well.
A Northern up north.:  Snoek

Customized Northwoods Passage

  • 6 days dog sledding
  • 5 nights winter camping
  • First and last night in a comfortable lodge
  • Premier style (you drive your own team for the entire trip)
  • Explore over 100 miles of the Boundary Waters wilderness by dog team
  • Our longest trip, and most physically demanding one


Rough itinerary:

Our arrival date is February 27th: settle in enjoy the festivities of the wolftrack classic dog-sled race.We will watch the start of the Wolftrack classic Dog-Sled race on the morning of the 28th then immediately head into the woods with our gear, guides and enthusiasm. Peter was kind enough to customize this trip for us. We will be going through areas that I have been through many…many times and many of my past clients and friends are familiar with.  Of course when traveling in the wilderness you should always be flexible that is why all itinerary’s can change but this is the rough version.

We will see 3 waterfalls, Native pictographs and some of the most incredible vistas ever created.

28th 1/2 day get into the woods.
29th Travel to Crooked Lake. (Ramsey Island)
1st Full day on Crooked.(Ramsey Island) Pike fishing
2nd Travel towards Basswood.
3rd Day Lake Trout fishing on Basswood? Note we cannot fish northern on basswood in March.
4th Travel out to landing.

A 20 pounder!

The Boundary Waters is a remote region of wilderness lakes, rivers and forests that straddles the Minnesota-Canada border. Comprised of more than one million acres of pristine lakes, the densest concentration in America, and off limits to motorized vehicles, it is a frozen maze of trail possibilities that beckon in winter. Though skiers, snowshoers and ice fishing enthusiasts explore the periphery, dogsleds are the way to get truly deep in to this wilderness.
If you light up when you make the first tracks on a lake, or enjoy the fresh perspective that comes from being away from it all, you’ll appreciate exploring a cross-section of this renowned wild place, draped in winter’s hibernating coat of snow and ice. On this six day, five night adventure, you’ll learn everything from how to care for and bond with your canine crew and how to stay toasty in the winter to how to traverse a narrow path between a fir and a spruce tree and stay upright on your dogsled. Expect to see tracks of timber wolves, fox and perhaps an otter sliding across the snow. Sleep under the stars for a chance peek at the northern lights, or certainly a star-filled winter sky. We save this rugged trip for March, when the days are longer, the dogs are at peak condition and lake travel is typically easier. This traverse of the Boundary Waters will cover well over 100 miles on a route crossing the heart of the wilderness and home to our kennel. Mush pass windswept islands with rugged glacier carved granite cliffs. Test your mushing agility as we navigate tricky portage trails between lakes. If you thrive on hands-on opportunities, have some outdoor camping experience under your belt and are craving an adventure off the beaten path, consider joining us for an unforgettable dog-sledding trip.

 Here is a great video of what you can expect


Anyone that is at all interested please contact me.



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Checkout the three photo slideshows below: Fish, Wildlife and Scenery. We think these photos are a great example of what you can expect.

Check out our “NEW” Video: Top-Water Boundary Waters Style

Top - Water Boundary Waters style!!!

   Top-Water Boundary Waters Style   

Going for a swim


Soaking it all in


Nicklas with a monster northern


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Ramsey Dowgiallo

  (734) 664-0353


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