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Sutton River Brook Trout

For avid brook trout anglers there are certain destinations that provoke the imagination. Minipi in Labrador, the brawling God’s River in northern Manitoba, Nipigon without a doubt, and the Sutton River in far northern Ontario. To be sure there are places where you can catch larger brook trout, but for sheer numbers of honest to goodness 3-5lb fish the Sutton can’t be topped. The Sutton very well may be the finest brook trout fishery on earth.

This area is a mecca for fly fishermen but I prefer to use mepps spinner’s, small spoons and topwater lures. These Brookies are carnivorous and they love mice patterns.

The river begins in Hawley Lake its spring fed headwaters, and flows north 120km through Polar Bear Provincial Park terminating at Hudson’s Bay. Dissecting the summer range of the great white bears, the river flows through a geologic fault of old seabed limestone providing incredibly fertile waters for the insect life and the trout that feed on them. The terrain is quite flat, consisting of muskeg and broken areas of black spruce with many interspersed pothole lakes and marsh. As you paddle north the trees which cling tenaciously to the riverbank begin to recede and you’re left with vast panoramas of muskeg tundra.

What sets the Sutton apart from all others is its nature itself. The river meanders its entire length with no real rapids but with hundreds of wadeable riffles, runs and pools that are chuck full of brook trout in the 18-24 inch range. The entire trip from headwaters to Bay there is not one single portage. It’s essentially an overgrown limestone stream, and that is worth the price of admission in itself.

There’s only one way to experience this fabulous fishery. It consist of a canoe trip from the headwaters at Hawley Lake all the way to Hudson’s Bay. We provide air charter, canoes, all equipment, fresh food and a guide for this adventure. Most guests will take 7 days to complete the trip, but longer trips are advantageous as they allow a more leisurely pace and the ability to fish the river more thoroughly.

The Sutton is a “bucket list” trip for a great many people. If you’ve been dreaming about fishing it for years, perhaps now is the time to scratch it off your list!

Because the drop off flight from Hearst to the Sutton and the pick up at Hudson Bay is 5 to 6 hours round trip the cost is significant.

Wilderness Journey prides itself on giving our clients a trip they will never forget for a reasonable price. However, This is a trip that has tremendous overhead. But we are able to bring the cost down to $4750.00 per person for a 7 day trip.

You can book you own trip if you have a group of 3 or more people or you can join an open trip where we will add people as they book.

Limited to 6 people per trip. Next years dates will be up within a week.

Here’s a teaser video: Sutton River



mebrookDSC02624Sutton (98)

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