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The BWCA is a photographer’s paradise.

Wildlife, plantlife, scenery, the crystal clear night skies, rich history
and geology of this land might be more than your camera can handle.

Trying to get that perfect shot!

Wildlife: Wildlife you can expect to see include mammals such as moose, wolves, bears, deer, otters, beavers, lynx, bobcat, pine martins and other various members of the weasel family.  The list of birds go on forever including loons, eagles, ospreys, mergansers, owl’s, hawk’s, warblers, finches, woodpeckers, including the pleated woodpecker and other various waterfowl. Reptiles and amphibians that reside in the BWCA include many varieties of frogs, toads, turtles, salamanders, snakes and more.

Going for a swim

Plant life:

Indian Pipe

Hundreds of different kinds of wildflowers and fungi cover this area. If this is your passion then a spring trip is definitely your best choice.  The variety ranges from Ferns, Columbines, and Orchids to the carnivorous Sun dew and Pitcher plant. In June and July we will enjoy pancakes with wild Raspberries, Huckleberries or Blueberries. The trees range from Maples, Tall Norway pines, Poplar, Aspen to the crooked Jack Pine growing out of a crack of a tall cliff and the Birch that for centuries all Indians depended on for their transportation.





One of the many gorgeous sunsets in the Boundary Waters

Scenery: I can not say enough about the scenery of the BWCA. Every stroke of the paddle brings photo opportunities from the smallest of lakes, creeks and rivers to the 34,000 acres of Lac La Croix with its shore lined with cliffs or the raging waters of Curtain Falls and the rapids of the Basswood River.
Clear night skies: If you are really handy with a camera and able to take night photos, you might stay awake all night photographing the night BWCA sky. With the clarity of skies you will feel as if the stars are right on top of you. The Northern lights often make an appearance sometimes for the duration of an entire night.


Historical landmarks: Many areas have Native American pictographs as recent as a couple of hundred years old to a thousand years old. It is believed that the Chippewa are the ones responsible for these native art works.  This is one of the many mysteries of this area. Pictographs are a must see for every visitor to the BWCA.

Getting up and close to the native pictographs

Geology: The lay of the land is mostly due to the Canadian glacial shield left over from past ice ages. You will see shorelines scoured from massive glaciers receding northward. Some cliffs are hundreds of feet high and there are boulders the sizes of a house. The deepest one can dig before hitting bedrock is 48”.

Typical Canadian shield
See our photo gallery…   Click Here for slideshow

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    Here is a link to a eaglecam in Decorah Iowa that we thought everyone would be interested in seeing.

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