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Frequently asked questions

The boundary waters is such a different type of trip that I have been asked just about everything. We will definitely narrow it down a bit.

1 – Mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, spiders and all those other creatures that are tiny but can still make our world a little tough. the black flies are pretty much at their worse at the beginning of May and dissipate as the season moves along by the beginning of June they are nearly gone. Mosquitoes are pretty much a year long thing but they too dwindle down as the year moves on they on the other hand will hang at camp the 1st and last hour of the day and it usually gets cool enough at night that they settle down. The best way to combat these bugs is to wear long sleeve shirts and pants on travel days when you will be crossing portages, maybe slap on a little insect repellent with a high Deet content, around camp we use therma-cells, I also use Premethrin on all my clothing early in the season, I am sold on this product. using all these items will assure you a comfortable trip.

2 – Weather – Chances are 1 out of 4 days we will have unfavorable weather and usually that will be wind. This is a wilderness trip and you should be prepared for anything for one thing bring decent rain gear, To tell you the truth I have yet to find truly rain proof rain gear.  but what ever you do please don’t wear a poncho. the other thing is you will notice that I have upper and lower long underwear on our list. even in the middle of July I have seen people wear every piece of clothing they have on …of course this is a rare occasion but better to have than have not especially if we’re just talking ounces here.

3 – Bears – in all of the years of being in the boundary waters I have only seen one bear and that bear was swimming across the lake. We believe in keeping a clean camp and we will keep all foods stored in sealed plastic containers. I have many people ask if I bring a firearm and the answer is no, Aggressive bears are very rare and if a bear comes into camp its coming in for food and I will not shoot a bear for being hungry.

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