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Book a BWCA Trip!

The full moon rises

Wilderness Journey has many different options for clients of all ages and capabilities. we also will customize your trips to those capabilities and if its wildlife you want to see…then we will take you to that area, if its trophy fish you’re after then we we’ll get you those trophy fish or if its celestial events like the Perseids meteor showers then we’ll do our best to give you these experience’s. Just let us know what you want to experience and Wilderness Journey will provide the rest.

The WJO Challenge

This challenge is for all “those people” out there… you know who you are! The ones that come up to me at all the shows and tell me how visiting the Boundary Waters is on their bucket list. Then there are all “those (other) people” who really want to do it but are apprehensive… don’t worry we’ll take care of you! Well guess what?!…the time is now! We are not getting any younger and if you want to bring your friends or even better, your family then there is not a better place to take your vacation than the Boundary Waters. Where else can you catch trophy fish in such a pristine setting? Where else can you hear the sound of a pack of wolves howling or a loon wail singing a sweet lullaby? Even better, where else can you, your friends and your family bond together without the interruption of a phone call, text or breaking news on the television? I say get off your behind and head into the wilderness and create lifelong memories that none of you will ever forget!

New Branches of Business

Wilderness Journey has many repeat clients that come back every year and we have groups that come back every other year. Variety is the spice of life and our clients are go- getters. They want to experience everything life has to offer on this great planet. Not all people fully appreciate what we have on this earth. We are very lucky that in all of our solar system, we only are the only planet to we have these adventurous people. Not only do we climb the highest mountains, dive to the deepest depths of the oceans, cross the desolate deserts and venture into the wilderness but we venture into space where we will eventually find other planets to visit. It may not be in our lifetime but it will happen. So until then grab the reins of life and ride that adventurous spirit to the most you possibly can because we are just on this great planet only so long…so make the best of it!

Whew! That is why we are creating a section of our website to help all our clients experience life to the fullest. We have named this section “THE BUCKET LIST” we have teamed up with multiple premier adventure companies…all are the best in their fields.

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