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From surf to snow

Posted by on October 12, 2015


The Bucket list:

This is for all my friends, family, clients and anyone that has a bucket list and by the way everyone should have a bucket list. Now is the time to tackle that bucket list and mine is extensive, I am lucky enough to work at a place that is willing to give me all the time I need to check off each destination on my list. We’re not getting any younger and a bucket list should be accomplished right now! not when we are too old and in poor health, therefore I will try my hardest to get everyone to start checking items off their list. If I can get just a few people to do this then I will feel as though I made a difference and now I am going to start to ask people to join me on trips to enrich their lives, and now wilderness Journey is going into the next phase…not to make a profit but to change peoples lives for the better. One day when we are old and near death we won’t be counting our money or what we accumulated over the years but we will be talking about all the things we have seen with our family and friends…Go for it!


TarponBelize here we come:

Coming up on November 13th we will be taking an epic 3 week vacation to Belize during which we will be sending a weekly newsletter of our adventures from Belize. We will be starting off in Ambergris Caye where we will be snorkeling in Glover’s reef which just so happens to be Jacques Cousteau’s favorite dive destination. Then its onto tarpon and deep sea fishing expeditions along with cave tubing and of course laying on the beach. The next destination will be on to Placencia where we will be snorkeling, fishing and checking out Cockscomb Jaguar preserve. Then our last destination will be Dangriga for an epic Zip-lining adventure where we will be zip-lining 2.5 miles from platform to platform and the longest zip-line will be 1/2 mile. and we’ll finish up our adventure back on Ambergris Caye for a couple of days to decompress before the flight home on December 2nd. Real time newsletters and GO-Pro footage to come.


jaguar 1

dog sledding

Dog Sledding

Now the real reason for this newsletter, This will be the first newsletter where we are trying to recruit people to test themselves…to check that box off their bucket list so read on and book this trip. This trip will be outfitted by White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures

We will see 3 waterfalls, Native pictographs and some of the most incredible vistas ever created.

We have 3 people committed to this this 5 night 6 day trip and are looking for 3 more. Everyone will run their own dog team.  We will ice fish 2 days for Northern Pike and Lake trout. Our arrival date is February 27th: settle in enjoy the festivities of the wolftrack classic dog-sled race.

Northwoods Passage

  • 6 days dog sledding
  • 5 nights winter camping
  • First and last night in a comfortable lodge
  • Premier style (you drive your own team for the entire trip)
  • Explore over 100 miles of the Boundary Waters wilderness by dog team
  • Our longest trip, and most physically demanding one


Rough itinerary:

Watch the start of the Woldtrack classic Dog-Sled race on the morning of the 28th then immediately head into the woods with our gear, guides and enthusiasm.

28th 1/2 day get into the woods.
29th Travel to Crooked Lake. (Ramsey Island)
1st Full day on Crooked.(Ramsey Island) Pike fishing
2nd Travel towards Basswood.
3rd Day Lake Trout fishing on Basswood? Note we cannot fish northern on basswood in March.
4th Travel out to landing.
A 20 pounder!

A 20 pounder!

The Boundary Waters is a remote region of wilderness lakes, rivers and forests that straddles the Minnesota-Canada border. Comprised of more than one million acres of pristine lakes, the densest concentration in America, and off limits to motorized vehicles, it is a frozen maze of trail possibilities that beckon in winter. Though skiers, snowshoers and ice fishing enthusiasts explore the periphery, dogsleds are the way to get truly deep in to this wilderness.
If you light up when you make the first tracks on a lake, or enjoy the fresh perspective that comes from being away from it all, you’ll appreciate exploring a cross-section of this renowned wild place, draped in winter’s hibernating coat of snow and ice. On this five day, four night adventure, you’ll learn everything from how to care for and bond with your canine crew and how to stay toasty in the winter to how to traverse a narrow path between a fir and a spruce tree and stay upright on your dogsled. Expect to see tracks of timber wolves, fox and perhaps an otter sliding across the snow. Sleep under the stars for a chance peek at the northern lights, or certainly a star-filled winter sky.

Gathering firewood for the evening by dogteam.

We save this rugged trip for March, when the days are longer, the dogs are at peak condition and lake travel is typically easier. This traverse of the Boundary Waters will cover well over 100 miles on a route crossing the heart of the wilderness and home to our kennel. Mush pass windswept islands with rugged glacier carved granite cliffs. Test your mushing agility as we navigate tricky portage trails between lakes. If you thrive on hands-on opportunities, have some outdoor camping experience under your belt and are craving an adventure off the beaten path, consider joining us for an unforgettable dog-sledding trip.

Anyone that is at all interested please contact me.

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